Welcome to Tantajo Film & Game music

After having worked successfully for over 15 years in the recording music industry, with many top ten chart positions and gold and platinum awards (tantajorecords), we have launched this year tantajo film & game music.

TFGM is developing sound design and original composed scores for film and multimedia, with an emphasis and a lot of passion for the adventure, sci fi, action and fantasy genre.
Composer and producer Ingo Hauss is working with a professional team of composers, orchestral arrangers and a wide range of talented musicians.

Recent projects are the score and sound design for "TAIKETSU", an 100 min.  japanese  sci-fi adventure movie  with some stunning modelling and action scenes directed by Sven Knüppel (sept. 2007). Work starts also for the multimedia 5.1 mystery event  and choreography "FROM 5 to 6", which is about the birth and future of mankind. (news soon)

On this new site enjoy  some stills from TAIKETSU, its deserted and chaotic megacities and some of its great robotic machines!

Find also a collection of released and new music, which should give you an excellent first impression of what we can do.

If you want to contact TFGM please use the tantajo records website or write us an Email


(c) 2006 by Tantajo Records
Images (c) 2007 by Marc Williams & Sven Knüppel