The way music is produced and marketed has dramatically changed in the last few years.

Soft instruments and digital recording are getting more and more perfect and offer great creative possibilities, making access to music producing much easier! The multiple connection (implementation) of the audio-world in our daily life, from a classic CD or vinyl up to real tone mobile tracks or, music for soft - games, inspires a lot of musicians to produce their own tracks. Especially in the beginning there are a lot of burning questions such as:

What does a music producer do?

What is the role of an engineer?

How does a studio work?

How can I build up my own demo studio?


Could this be a profession for me?

To answer the above questions we offer a number of courses. Our courses benefit from the actual

productions in the studio. Course members are therefore close to the daily practical work in the studio.

 1. Beginner/Orientation Course

The above is for all musicians and music enthusiasts who want to learn whilst in a professional studio surrounding and, who wish while assisting a demo recording session, to have a look behind the scenes.

We will work on the following themes:

Profession of a music producer, engineer, the recording studio, an entire music production will be explained with a demo. The emphasis lies on the electronic music production, we will also demonstrate vocal and instrumental recordings eg guitars and keyboards.

For this course no specialist knowledge is required.

3 - day weekend compact course (each session 4-5 hours)
Friday 18.00 (start)
Sat and Sun 10.00 (start)
Cost 180 Euro

2. Advanced Course

this is forth ose with already a little experience who want to push it!
the aim is to realize and mix own tracks and songs in simple arrangements.
here as well the emphasis lies on electronic producing of cours with
the implementation of vocals and analog instruments
we will work with logic pro 7 and divers esoft instruments and samplers

we will work on following themes:

arranging and recording with logic pro

recording techniques of vocals and acoustic instruments

function and sounddesign of soft synths

creative sampling techniques with the logic efx sampler

mixdown with effects and logic audio mixer

4 days intensive curse
start friday 18.00
sat and sun 10.00
each 4to 5 h
he following sat whole day question , additional work, problemsolution
curse cost 280 euros

3. Vocal Coaching
vocal coaching and recording the aim is the production of your own demo cd to present your voice in the best way training and preparation for castings / examinations with a known vocaltrainer/profi singer